Me and My Buddies

We recently had a mom and kids day, and decided to venture up to Cade's Cove. It was actually the first time anyone from the Hatcher family has visited Cade's Cove since the 2009 tree incident.  
In good faith, I decided to play the odds and make an adventure out of it!
See… it's all good!
 We spent most of our time on the Abram's Falls trail...

 I'm convinced my kids could entertain themselves forever by simply throwing sticks and rocks into water...

 It is always the source of much happiness on our adventures
And so are these eye lashes!
 And these eyes
 And this edible physique

The grand finale was finishing the Cade's Cove Loop while hanging out of the sun roof of mommy's car. Charlie said he could see all the way to Breckenridge from here! I have no doubts...
It's hard to describe the beauty of wind whipping through this child's blonde afro… it almost brings a tear to my eye

 I'm sure there is nothing unsafe about me snapping photographs of my children, as I drive bumper-to-bumper with hundreds of other vehicles, while they hang out of the roof of my car. 

I trust that you feel the same.
We'll just leave it at that...


  1. I think I'll nominate you for Mother Of The Year :) Thanks for making me smile today!

  2. I don't think my behavior warrants Mother Of The Year… but I'm glad you smiled. Safe travels. Hugs and smooches.


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