My sister and her family recently moved into a new house. 
When we went over there to visit for the first time, I was shocked at what I saw...
Rows and rows of bamboo! In two different gardens… Gorgeous bamboo… Everywhere! 

Just sitting there, patiently waiting for the likes of me to come along and take her picture...

Now, since I was unaware of her existence, I wasn't prepared with my Nikon. But the iPhone, with the help of Plastic Bullet, served as a good back up plan.

Sam and Charlie both got to use the bamboo to make their very own cane poles.
Dear Mr. Bamboo Forest,
One day I will be back to build a home inside your lush, geometric canopy.


  1. I love the fact that your sister didn't tell you about the bamboo forest and the fact that you didn't have your fancy camera. You and your boys got a lovely surprise - and we got to see some awesome Plastic Bullet pics. If only there was a weeping willow amongst all that bamboo . . . for me, PB and WW go hand in hand :)


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