Worn Out!

We all seemed to be plagued with exhaustion during the first couple days of our trip. The early flight, long days, numerous adventures, and heat definitely take their toll on the human body.
Richie and I were able to push through the lack of energy and still make the best of it.
But the kids…
Oh those darling kids…
It's a li'l tricky for them…

This is how Sam and Charlie look when they are really tired.

The only thing the pictures don't capture is the whining and grumpy attitudes that come along with this… but I'm sure you can all imagine how that goes.
Makes me want to take a nap just looking at it (or maybe just find a babysitter and pay someone else to deal with it :)


  1. Oh how I remember that dazed and confused look and the whining of little travelers :/ It's that same look and attitude that every peanut at Disney World has :) Just sayin'!


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