Water Water Everywhere

We visited the many playgrounds all over Manhattan. They have several European style playgrounds, which have a padded ground cover, concrete tunnels, and stone climbing walls. The boys had a great time exploring.
One feature by which we were pleasantly surprised was the water features on nearly every playground. Perfect for the hot August sun!

 This park down in Chelsea had a water feature that made a giant star. 
Charlie stripped down to his tighty whiteys for this one!

Sam opted to stay dry, but made his own fun with sticks
Going back for more…

What a great water park!


  1. If those are tighty whiteys then it looks like you've been washing them with his blue jeans :) Only saying because I just had a long conversation with my new college student on how to sort his laundry! He had a lot of questions after watching a sorting video on youtube. No joke.

  2. That's hilarious there is a sorting video on YouTube! You're right... Tighties were not so whitey... Just didn't have a good phrase for the blue briefs!


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