Tubing Warriors

This is the first summer we have taken Sam and Charlie tubing up in Townsend. 
For those of you who aren't familiar with East Tennessee, this is what we all do in the mountains in place of "boating". It's basically "red neck boating" if you will. 
I gotta be honest with ya… 
It's a whole lotta fun! 
Essentially, you get on a large inner-tube and float down the Little River. You have periods of calm water and relaxation. And other times when you're holding on for dear life trying to make your way through the rapids.
This adventure was extra special because Sam and Charlie's cousins Cole and Logan, and their Aunt Wendy joined us (and because mom and dad snuck in an old camera!!)
Sam was thrilled to hang in Cole's tube the entire time!
Here's Logan ridin' in style… This was Cole and Logan's first time going on a Redneck Boat Trip!
And it was Aunt Wendy's first trip too!
Us Hatchers like to do it up right!
Nothin' but class where we come from. Nuttin' but class!


  1. I love how you Hatcher's do life :) And, I'm especially happy that the infamous Crocs finally made it on the blog! Looks like it was a picture-perfect day :)


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