Travels to Manhattan

Our trip to New York City began at 5 am on Saturday morning. 

The boys popped out of bed at the sound of our voices "Saaaaam… Chaaaaarlie… it's time to wake up…"

I'm not sure what they were more excited about (i) getting on an airplane, (ii) going to New York City, (ii) or simply waking up 'dark early'. 

Regardless, we had some happy boys on our hands.

They helped us carry our luggage into the airport.

And they both opted to wear their crazy cool Superman shirts… Obviously, a necessity when you are flying high into the sky!

Charlie was oh so excited to take Curious George on another New York City adventure...
And Sam had his buddy, Handy Manny…
It was a gorgeous day for flying…
When we arrived in New York, we had to catch a cab over to Manhattan. Sam and Charlie took the opportunity to catch up on a few minutes of sleep…
Even though my brain has a hard time reconciling how it is okay for my children to be in the backseat of these crazy cabs with no carseat, I have to admit… I really love being able to snuggle up with them in the car.
Since we arrived at our hotel at 9 am, we were not able to check in right away. So our Manhattan adventures began by picking up some breakfast-to-go at a small deli and heading up to Central Park.
Sneaking in some Superman Love...
And then they were off to explore…

So this takes us to about 10 am on Saturday morning :/ 
(At this rate, I'll be blogging about this trip for an entire year! Promise not to bore you with too much of this stuff.)


  1. I'm in love with Superman all over again! Going to see the movie was my first date with my first love - back in the 70's :) Good thing that relationship didn't last. Anyhoo ~ your peanuts are so adorable, and so happy at dark thirty. You're a lucky mama! Keep on a blogging, dear one. Your words and pictures could never be boring :)

  2. Just for the record, I'm glad that one got away too. Would hate for the world to have missed out on Mama E :)


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