Taking a Chance

My big brother Sam can do AnYtHiNg! 
He can run as fast as a speeding bullet…
He can climb a tree faster than a squirrel…
He can jump in the sky higher than frog…
AND, he can zoom down a pole just like a real fireman!

See how fast he is!!
It looks awfully scary…
But I really want to do it…
Oh my goodness… here I go!
Just need a little boost from daddy to get me over there…
Almost there…  I… I… I got it!
On my own now…
Weeeeeee! I'm doing it!
It's so much fun!
I'm the fastest fireman eVeR!!


  1. Lovin' the Paul Frank big boy pants! And that big smile at the end :) Once again, it looks like you were all having an awesome time. And, this was a business trip, right?

  2. When I glanced through this after I put it together, I said to myself "I bet pinnip will notice Charlie's undees"... Love that! And YES it was a business trip. Clearly. These pictures don't show that I'm actually off to the side selling a couple hospitals. Really!


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