Our last night

I bet you never thought I'd get to this point, did you?
Well, before you get too excited about this NYC overload finally coming to an end, I just want to prepare you that our last night there leads into another 10 hour day of adventures :) So it's not quite over just yet. But it will be soon. I promise.

We spent our final night in New York in the Upper West Side. This is definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city. We had a lovely dinner at Ocean Grill, and then simply enjoyed the nighttime sky (at a perfect 70 degrees) by walking 25 blocks back to our hotel. It stands out as one of my favorite adventures of our entire trip.
 We listened to "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" on my phone as we walked alongside Central Park
 We kept thinking we were going to take a taxi, or hop on the subway… but the walk was too perfect
 We passed by the fountains at Columbus Circle
We passed by the Ed Sullivan Theater where the legendary Late Show is filmed
 Searching for that perfect picture...
 Not quite there...
 Alright Charlie.., the tongue, the tongue… put it back in your mouth!
Ahh… there it is. Of course, we missed out on most of the sign, but we'll call it good!

The more we walked, the brighter the city got
 I love seeing my babies hand-in-hand exploring this big big world
Tomorrow night at this time, we'll be back in Knoxville with the sounds, sights, and smells of the city far far behind us...


  1. 25 blocks is a long long hike! But I adore all of the pictures along the way. The pictures of the boys from behind holding hands are some of my very favorites ~ ever. I honestly can not ever remember mine doing that. Their love for each other is palpable : D


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