New York Yankees

I have no doubt that the highlight of Mr. Agrestic's New York trip was going to the Yankees game. 

For hours prior to the game, there was a downpour in Manhattan. At one point, we had absolutely decided it would be useless to travel up to Yankee Stadium just to hear them announce the obvious… "the game has been cancelled.

But, as luck would have it, the clouds separated, and out came the sun just in time for the game. This made for a most wonderful evening. Mid-70's. Smaller crowd. Lots of bleacher space. And very well behaved children. 

Aside from the dreadful bucket of dry, fried chicken and french fries we were forced to eat for dinner, it was a perfect evening!
I love seeing little boys admiring their daddies (maybe not so much with a piece of cardboard chicken… but it's still precious). And that's Charlie doing what Charlie does best… sleeping in public!
Sam was so excited about the Yankees school kit he received when he walked into the stadium
Here's Derek Jeter
And someone else :) (I could look it up, but I don't care that much!)
And my sweet boys at the end of a great evening!
Going to a Yankees game should be an item on everyone's bucket list! (just don't confuse the bucket list with the bucket o' chicken, or you might be a bit disappointed…) 


  1. I love that your whole family loves baseball. We're not the "sporty" types, but I'm sure it is the same family experience as rocking out at a concert together. Families that play together - stay together!

  2. I suspect we'll rock it out at some concerts in our future as well! Maybe even with a little Steely Dan :)


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