New York, New York

Tomorrow we set sail for New York City!

Well we actually set flight for New York City - but "set flight" just doesn't have the same ring to it ~

So, tomorrow we set sail for New York City…

Dark early… 

6:50 am early…

That's really early for the Agrestic Family… 

We don't like early…
But for New York City, we can do early.

We'll be spending six full days, and five glorious nights in The Big Apple. We are all very excited about the great adventures we'll get to have. I anticipate ALL SORTSA fun new memories (and therefore, pictures) to add to our growing collection.

Here are a few of my favorites from our last trip there…just one short year ago.
 Enjoying a lovely dinner in Little Italy

Sam and Charlie rockin' it out in Times Square! 

Good times in Central Park

Handy Manny and Curious George joined us on our trip - but they had to stay back at the crib while we explored… they were able to keep an eye on us from high above ~

See you next week!!!


  1. I knew the NYC trip was in August, but I had no idea it was this week! Hope you are having a wonderful time. And, getting to eat lots of good food! Can't wait for the pictures from this year's Agrestic Adventure In The City :)


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