My Silly Charlie

So, here's part deux of my three part series showing some random pictures taken in NYC. This one is all about Charlie!
 Love that smile… so genuinely happy
 He was so darn excited to be sliding down this pole

 Big smiles with mommy!
 I love his eyes here (as well as the cracker crumbs all over his face!)
 I actually like that this one is blurry… this is the sweetest face in the world
 He was actually posing here for me. His hand was on his hip. He was workin' it so he could play Angry Birds on my phone.
 So deep in thought
 Some more mommy love
Adoring his daddy
 You may have picked up on the fact that Charlie has a tendency to fall asleep anywhere he can. He gets a bit heavy after while :) but it sure is sweet having a baby to hold once in a while. 
 I believe he was getting in trouble in this one… But I love both of them in their hats!
Yay! He made up for it!
It's a good thing he's so darn cute. It definitely works in his favor when he's being naughty!


  1. Being the youngest, I always used the cuteness factor to my advantage! Bet you did, too :) Charlie has one of my favorite smiles of all time :D

  2. Awe! That's so nice to say… Favorite smiles of all time? That makes me melt.


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