My Handsome Sam

At this point, I'm sure I have overextended my welcome of New York City posts… but I took hundreds of pictures, and I want to make good use of them. So, the fun is not over yet!
Here begins a 3-part series which includes some random pictures that haven't fit in with the topics of my other posts… I'll begin with a few of Sam!
 I just love this sweet look on his face… (and the bubbly background makes my Nikon smile!)
 Sam is such a thinker, it always makes me happy to see him let loose and just be silly! 
 This looks like a picture I have of Sam when he was just a baby… I love it.
 Makes me happy to see him cuddle up with me and smile...
 Sweet moment...
 Love his baby blues… and this is my favorite look he gives.
 He was really tired here, but being the pleaser he is, he was trying to give me a good picture. He's precious.
I adore how Sam is so patient, and watches over Charlie's shoulder
 They both look adorable in this one
 We were in Little Italy, and Sam and I had all kinds of fun! He had a coin in his hand and was having me guess which one it was in...
Apparently I got it wrong this time!
That's my handsome Sam ~


  1. Agreed - he is a handsome young man! All of your pictures are fabulous ~ but if I was going to pick my very favorite ~ it would be the second to last one, where both hands are clenched and the eyes look of mischief :D Priceless.


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