Leavin' in Style

Well, this concludes the (over) abundance of posts I've created for our New York trip.

So, in true Agrestic form, we had to leave our Manhattan adventure behind with a bang by travelling over to LaGuardia in this…

(The real story is while we were hailing a yellow cab, the driver of this car ~ who lives in Queens ~ wanted to make some cash on his trip back home… so he offered to transport us over there for the same price as a yellow cab… Otherwise, we really wouldn't have splurged for this nonsense! :)

Regardless, it made for a nice finale to our NYC getaway!
Little lady killers coolin' out in the backseat of their ride...
Charlie… doing his thang, curled up on the seat
Looking rather pensive as we leave our adventures behind… Sam and daddy in deep conversation in the background
A little more of this edible yumminess
The ever so functional mirror on the inside roof makes for fun photo ops
Good-bye my sweet city. Hugs and kisses. Until next time...


  1. What a sweet ride :) I don't know about everyone else, but I'm kinda sad that the NYC posts are over. I've only been there once and that was 20 years ago with a grumpy toddler, who wouldn't eat and wouldn't sleep. So, I don't have happy memories of The City. But, because of your beautiful pictures and sweet stories, I'm thinking it might be about time to plan another visit :D And, I'm in awe of how much fun you can pack into a business trip. Amazing!

  2. Maybe we need to plan a shopping trip to find some fringe boot attire!


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