It's Complicated

After all the fuss I've made about the special love I have for my sweethearts, I'm rather ashamed to admit that our relationship has gotten a bit complicated lately.

(pausing for the initial shock to fade)

Okay. Shall I continue?
I'm guessing all this tension probably boils down to one source ~ the dog days of summer.
It's hot.
It's humid.
It's muggy.
It's buggy.
Not to mention, my body swells up with monstrous welts with every mosquito bite I get. And considering I have a fricking village of them breeding and swarming in my back yard, and I apparently exhale the sweet cocktail mix of carbon dioxide they crave - this proves to be a bit of an obstacle between me and my darling buttercups.
To sum it up, it's just plain disgusting outside. So I guess I can't really hold them responsible for their pitiful presence as of late. 
But, I gotta tell ya - when I've spent hundreds and hundreds of hours tending to my sweethearts, it's a bit disheartening to look outside the window (well, that is after I wipe off the fog that remains accumulated on my windows from the loathsome damp air) and I only see sappy, shameful, crispy, droopy, plants surrounded by flourishing weeds. It kinda makes me want to throw in the towel on this whole relationship thing.
Whoa… something just hit me… What does that response say about me?
I hope I don't take that same attitude with my beloved, angelic children when they aren't acting up to par… Ah geez. Now, I've got a whole new set of problems to contemplate.
(note to self… schedule appointment with therapist)
Okay - back to the flowers. 
I'm going to take a moment to reminisce, and share some spring time photos of the sweethearts. I'm hoping this process will wipe away my sorrows and frustration and help me focus on the good times!
Here goes!
I'll start with my hydrangeas...
 This is a sweet peppermint hydrangea that was adopted into our family late last summer - love the "stripes" on her petals

Another bloom from the same plant, in different lighting. This one makes her stripes more vibrant

My endless summer hydrangeas in their flashy blue attire. The color is a result of our acidic soil. I like to keep our soil acidic because my moss thrives in it, and I have a bit of an obsession with moss (might be another discussion point with the therapist)

This is my Lady in Red hydrangea. She makes a fun, unique bloom - again tinted blue because of the acidic soil. 

And my sweet, sweet oakleaf hydrangea. What an angel she is.

And last, one more color variation of the endless summer breed.

Now, moving on to the other sweethearts.
These are lemon drops transplanted from my friend and neighbor's yard - I'm hoping they thrive like this next year…
… cuz they sho' ain't lookin' like this right now!

 My sassy coreopsis -- what great colors she wears!

The beloved shasta daisy in all her glory

 And last, but not least, my fuschia hanging plant… PuRe LoVe!

Okay, I don't know about you… but I'm feeling slightly optimistic about my failing relationship. Now that their beauty has re-emerged in these photos, I think I might have mustered up enough love to get back out there and tend to my babies. Wish me luck on my battle against malaria!


  1. Beautiful pics, as usual :) Any relationship worth having is going to have it's rough patches now and then. I have a feeling that your love for your sweethearts will only continue to grow, and flourish with each passing season. The coolness of Fall is just a whisper away :) Note to self: find lemon drops to plant next year. Love those :)

  2. Oh ~ I just read the other day ~ that if you attach a Bounce dryer sheet to your belt, it will ward off mosquitos! Maybe you could fashion them to look like birds and attach them to your gardening clothes :) Just a thought.


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