Randoms, Part Trois

I'm not sure if it's the hat, the look of adoration, or the big city posing behind them, I just love this picture of Sam and Charlie!
I had to work pretty hard for these pictures. Getting 3 boys to cooperate is not always the easiest thing to do!
A random bird hanging out with us in Central Park
Another view of the Highline

And the rest are of my boys enjoying ice cream cones… I've become a big fan of photographing ice cream eaters. People always seems so focused when they are working on an ice cream cone. And it is one of the great summertime activities we can all enjoy!


  1. I love the composition in the shot where Richie and the boys are to the far right. Perfection! It really looks like everyone had an amazing time in the Big Apple. Hoping that Irene loses her strength and spares the east coast and your favorite city from her destruction.

  2. I can't imagine being there during a hurricane. It would be wild. Hope she stays safe!


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