FAO Schwarz

We saved our visit to FAO Schwarz for our final day in New York. This enabled us to bribe, convince, threaten, punish, and reward our children the entire trip with the promise of what they would (or would not) experience at the most amazing toy store in the whole world! The same toy store where the Smurfs went while they were in Manhattan!
As you can see, FAO Schwarz definitely delivered!
Crazy animal hand puppets, magic tricks, Iron Man, Star Wars, Legos like we've never seen...
It was certainly the grande finale these two peanuts dreamed of!
A visit to FAO Schwarz wouldn't be complete without dancing across the BIG Piano!
Of course, Sam and Charlie have no appreciation for the brilliant Tom Hanks turning this piano into a New York City icon, but they marveled at its interactive features just the same.
They were fascinated by the colors and the sounds
I was a bit jealous… I have no doubts if the crowds were gone, and the cameras shut down, I could dance the night away on this piano!
Can't ever pass up the opportunity to have your picture made with a Real Toy Soldier!
So glad FAO Schwarz was all mom and dad made it out to be! I do believe this turned out to be the highlight of their trip :)


  1. Charlie looks totally dazed in that last shot! What a fun way to spend your last day. Did all peanuts get to bring home a treasure from FAO?


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