Candy Land

Times Square has a few of the greatest candy stores in the country. I've walked by all of them many many times, but have never felt the urge to venture in.
Well, we decided to do it this time.
We went to the Hershey's store and the M&M's store.
Both were elaborate, extensive, impressive, and overwhelming! 
We might have enjoyed them more if (i) there had been about six thousand fewer patrons, and/or (ii) our kids hadn't acted like whiney, bratty bums while we were there (just keepin' it real!)
In hindsight, it was a really bad idea to go in.
If you'll notice, they have on the same superman shirts they wore the day we travelled to NYC… which means this was the day we travelled to NYC. They had been up forever, around the world and back, in and out of different playgrounds. 
It was a looooooooong day.
But we tried to make the best of a tricky situation.
The boys were recruited to spin the giant chocolate machine which wraps the Hershey's Kisses and dumps them into a bucket (hence the "Worker" hat)
And inside the bucket is the fruits of their labor!
From here, it all went downhill… So I'll just share a few snapshots of the M&M's store in lieu of the not-so-nice faces on my kids while we were in there!
Walls and walls of M&M's everywhere!
Alright, so we can all mark that off the bucket list … and never, ever do it again. Ever!


  1. You have been a busy little blogger bee! So, do they guilt trip you into buying the bucket of kisses for your kiddos after they work so hard to fill it up? Buckets of chocolate and buckets of fried chicken. I bet you are glad to be back home where you can get some tofu and caprese salad :)


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