Wednesday Adventures

I am fortunate to have the flexibility at work to be able to spend Wednesday afternoons and Fridays at home with my kiddos. In this time, I make it a point to get out of the house and go on some sort of adventure.
This week, we went to one of our old standbys, Market Square in downtown Knoxville. Our adventure began with some ice cream at Marble Slab.
Sam indulged in a scoop of Strawberry ice cream
And Charlie in Chocolate
And much to my youngest child's dismay, I resorted to stealing bites from each of them
Sam shared with me though 
(that missing tooth is cracking me SO up!)
Our adventure then led us out straight out the door for some playtime in the fountains
Charlie did what he does, which is drift off into his own world to seize the day

And Sam found some friends…
Sweet, girl friends whom he bonded with in an instant

And in our own way, we each all had a ball!
There's just something about those Wednesday Adventures ~


  1. Loving your Wednesday adventures and the memories you are making with your peanuts :) And, I adore the pics with the water. Amazing!


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