Sthooper Sthilly Sthad

Here is the last picture I was able to capture of my handsome Sam's gorgeous little baby face smiling with all his precious perfect teeth…

It was inevitable that this day would come sooner than I'd like… After at least a half dozen major falls over the past 3 or so years, hitting face first on whatever hard surface fell in his path, Sam's top right tooth has been hanging by a thread.

It was quite clear last night that its time with us was coming to an end…
I'm still not ready for this time to be here. I know it's silly (or as Sam would now say "sthilly") but this marks the ending of an era for my baby boy. There is a short time in our lives that we have those precious, adorable, perfectly placed baby teeth that somehow signify the innocence and simplicity of our early childhood. I'm not ready for him to move past this time...
BUT… I have to admit, Sam is so very excited about the whole thing, which makes me happy too. He is proud of it. He says it is his favorite tooth ever :) And he anxiously awaits his first visit from the tooth fairy.

Here is my new Sam!
Still my handsome little guy… but noticeably older than he was yesterday. Don't you think?

How can I possibly feel sad when I'm staring into that glorious, happy face?


  1. Sthooper sthilly sthweet is all I can sthay :)


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