Old Schoolhouse

Today, I took my buddies to visit an historical schoolhouse in Maryville, TN built in 1794. It's the Sam Houston Schoolhouse, and happens to be quite an adorable site. It is a one room schoolhouse and was built of hand-hewn poplar logs, It has long open air windows that pull down to create desks in its small interior.

Mr. Agrestic told me about it, as he visited it many times as he was growing up. I have been on a hunt for some old barns, or natural wood built structures to use in photographs. I want to put them in my new Agrestic Frames that I'll be hanging in our family room. Though I didn't get the perfect shot I was looking for, I thought I'd share some with you here.

When Mr. Houston began teaching here, he had 8 students. Just two months later, he had 35. It was an expensive little venture for these parents who were paying a whopping $8 every year 
for their child to attend.

This might possibly be one of the students who was kicked out for bad behavior :)

Sam and Charlie were taking turns playing teacher. I don't believe they've ever seen a real chalkboard before!

There is a small creek running along the perimeter of the property. On the other side is a
short trail with a butterfly garden.

As always, the boys stumbled upon some interesting creatures along the way…


Luckily, we finished off our visit with some brotherly love.
And then… of course, since we were in Maryville, we topped the day off
by treating our bellies to The Tomato Head!
Another fun adventure with my sweet peanuts ~


  1. Hey Mary! There are some to-die-for old barns along Hwy llE that I used to dream about photographing on my drive out to Carson-Newman. I never did (don't really know who they belong to), but I'm still tempted. Maybe we should just go for it! What's a little trespassing, after all? ;)

  2. No wonder your peanuts aren't loving preschool ~ they have way too much fun on your days off going on field trips :) Sweet brotherly love and The Tomato Head - what a perfect day :)


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