I Heart Plastic Bullet

So, I recently got an iPhone. 

My first Smart Phone. 

Pretty sad, I know. 

I've actually contributed in designing an iPhone application at work, but never knew how it actually worked since I had no iPhone.


I digress.

So far, I've only downloaded a few applications, but I will say there is one that has definitely captured my attention. It's called "Plastic Bullet".

By the name, it's pretty obvious that it is a war game, which allows you to hunt down and shoot your opponents. The objective is world domination. You can even connect up with friends and play against them. It's amazing. I stayed up until 3am the other night playing!

Okay. I'm completely wasting your time because that is a lie.

Plastic Bullet is not a war game. There are no opponents. No bullets. It is an app that allows you to turn your photographs into works of art by applying all kinds of cool colors, textures, borders, and composition styles to your pictures (no clue how they came up with such an off-the-wall name, but I'm sure there is good reason… maybe someday I'll look it up - but probably not).

I'll share with you a few of my favorite pictures that I've modified with Plastic Bullet!
(disclaimer: some of these pictures were taken with an old cell phone and the quality is pretty poor… but you still get the idea)

 (this is Sam when he was almost 1 - one of my favorite pictures ever)

(never paid much attention to this picture until I used Plastic Bullet - in addition to Charlie's sweetness here, I love the hat hanging on the basket and the sippie cup in front of him - LoVe) 

(love how it looks so old and weathered) 

(sweet brothers down on Volunteer Landing - dramatic depth and contrast) 

(scrumptious… green, golden, and hazy) 

(my little heart breaker… overexposed but great contrast and shadows) 

(sipping on some hot chocolate in Savannah… love the composition) 

(eskimo boy Charlie… dreamy) 

(first day of school… again, love the weathered look) 

(Central Park last year - love this one!) 

 (eskimo boy Sam in Breckenridge)

(Charlie monkey in Vail) 

(Charlie's first birthday - there's that booty again… perfection! Love the colors and composition) 

(Sam in Pensacola Beach… my sweet baby)

If you have an iPhone, this is a must have app … and if you have a different Smart Phone, look it up - maybe they have one for you as well. 
And if you don't have a Smart Phone…
I'll give you a hug - cuz I know how ya feel. 
Really, I do. 


  1. I heart plastic bullet, too! A dear friend introduced it to me a few weeks back and it is so much fun! Thanks for sharing your awesome photos :)

  2. I only need a willow tree to make my plastic bullet collection complete!

  3. I'm keeping my eyes open for you darling :) I'd give you mine, but then I'd be propless.


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