And on a Sweeter Note...

Since my last post was all about the creepy, crawly things we've discovered this week, I wanted to share the sweeter, softer side of our time together... 

Pure Love

My big boys

Handsome Sam (with our little 'fro peeking around the corner)

What a lucky girl I am


I wonder at what age giant baby bellies stop being cute?

He was checking out the minnows he just caught 
(notice the twinkles to his left!)

So proud… he became a master at catching them!

Sam taking a giant leap into the water!

Here he goes…

… way up in the air...


Bye bye mountain adventure

Thanks for wearing us out!

just for good measure…
It's not right to have an entire post of ONLY sweetness…

Just keepin' it real :)
(He is literally peeing off the top of the fire tower on the Foothills Parkway!)
(I'm truly envious of boys for this ability and privilege)


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm quick to giggle inside at something funny, but it takes a lot to get me to laugh at loud. And, sister, you have succeeded in totally cracking me up :) For the record, you are a lucky girl, and giant baby bellies only stop being cute when they are being sported by middle aged men - then, not so cute anymore!

    Thank you so so much for sharing your vacation adventures with all of us. I feel like I've had a little mountain get-away right along with you :) Very refreshing!


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