Snakes, Snails and Katydid Tails...

Our vacation-at-home adventures have led us to the mountains a couple times this week. It's amazing to me how easy it is to take the beauty, fun, and convenience of the Smoky Mountains for granted when they are just a stones throw away.

Part of the fun for Sam and Charlie has been discovering and catching (and possibly accidentally injuring) all kinds of insects, amphibians, reptiles, and the like. 

I have to admit… my kiddos aren't always the toughest in the crowd (often times may even be considered the most sensitive), but fear is something with which we rarely struggle. Especially when it comes to investigating creepy, little creatures. They LoVe it.  

This is a fabulous katydid we found on our way up to the fire tower in the Foothills Parkway.

And a snake slithering through the leaves (yikes!)

Our little grasshopper friend way on top of the fire tower

Charlie had to have his turn at manhandling him :)

And check out this old dude… 
his expression is worth a thousand words!

All of a sudden, I get see these creepy little creatures in a whole new light.

I guess that's the thing about having kids...


  1. I have always been amazed by the curiosity of little boys :) I'm guessing you travel with a large bottle of hand sanitizer, as I did when my peanuts were this age :)

  2. Sanitizing Hand and Face Wipes are my faves… :)


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