Mr. Agrestic and I both have next week off. We've been rather antsy to escape town with our kids, find a sandy beach, and leave all our worries behind. In fact, we were just a click away from booking a 5 day get away to St. Augustine, Florida… and at the last minute decided against it for various reasons.

Woe is me.

To help cure my summertime blues, I took a moment to reflect on a romantic get-away we went on in March of 2010 to the Florida Keys. And when I say "reflect", I don't just mean that I glanced through some pictures. I actually spent about an hour with my eyes closed imagining I was there… listening to the sound of the water splashing up against the sun deck, smelling the salt in the air, feeling the sand between my toes, lying comatose on the lounge chairs on our patio feeling the ocean breeze play with my hair. 

Here are a few pictures that capture some of what we experienced. I actually think these were taken with Mr. Agrestic's phone… so you might need to use your imagination to really appreciate them.

The entire trip felt like an out-of-body experience for me. Relaxation to that level is so completely foreign in my present life (and was even more so at that time)

~ Sigh ~ 
Bye bye for now dreamy days… until we meet again.


  1. I have always loved a good arm chair vacation. You can focus on all of the really good and happy memories of a trip you've been on or imagine what that destination that you've always wanted to go to might be like :) And, it doesn't cost you a penny :) Hope you have a fun week!


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