"Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men"

The Hatcher Family rose at the crack of dawn today to partake in the annual fishing tournament at the Alcoa Duck Pond. You can imagine the chaos that unfolds on when you combine dirt, worms, hooks, fishing line, poles, water, rocks, and a 3 and 4 year old. 

But just to make sure we kept it all interesting, we invited Sam and Charlie's great friends Eric (4) and Rachel (3) to join us. 

We had a little time before the tournament started to get the kiddos settled.

The Dads baited the hooks…

And I mostly just took pictures.

As soon as the horns blew to announce the start of the tournament, the insanity began. 

The four fishing lines got crossed, caught on rocks, caught on weeds… One kid wanted a juice box. Another was begging for fruit snacks. Dads were stepping over poles trying to keep things together. Fish were biting, stealing worms, and taking off! 

Mr. Hatcher was rather annoyed at me for being so clueless and helpless (even though I made it abundantly clear that the sole purpose of my attendance was to photograph the event!)

See how calm things were in MY world…

Charlie quickly decided this whole sitting still and silent thing really isn't for him… So, instead of fishing, he decided to make friends with the worms…

He figured he'd try to woo Rachel with the darling little creatures…

And she was totally on board!

And then the others joined in…

Then it got HOT…

Really, Really, HOT! 

Charlie and Rachel found some more magic in the shade, beneath a nearby tree…

BUT, low and behold, after all this.. they DID catch a couple fish!  (creepy little thing)

Sam finished off the day with 2 catfish!

And Charlie with 1!

Great Job Guys!!  

Maybe we'll do this again in about 10-12 years!


  1. Those are great pictures, Mary! I NEVER get good pictures of family events because I am always right in the middle of things. Perhaps I need to state my intended purpose more clearly :) As for the previous post, Charlie is a such a lady killer! I'm loving all of his fashion choices. He and Cate would make the most fashionable couple ever! ;D

  2. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hatcher,

    If you ever consider adopting a girl, will you pick me? Please? I love how you enjoy the finer things in life with your peanuts. The fountains in Market Square one week. Playing with the Clydesdales the next. Fishing with real worms the next. We can just pretend that I'm six. Or seven. My favorite shot is the one with Charlie and Rachel under the tree when they didn't know you were watching. Fabulous!

  3. Sarah, like I mentioned in the post, my stance as the photographer wasn't well received at run time, but I stuck to it! And yes, I fully agree - Charlie and Cate would turn heads everywhere with their trend setting attire!

  4. Miss Penny, I have already filed the papers. You will be my girl forever!


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