So, I'm a lucky girl who happens to have a cousin with the most amazing horse farm in the state of Tennessee. She and her husband specialize in breeding and training competitive sport horses. Their facilities are breathtaking. The farm covers several hundred acres of rolling hills and amazing views of the East Tennessee mountains and countryside. The beauty is impossible to describe… it's just something you have to see. 

We received a special invite this past weekend to go up there while the Budweiser Clydesdales were in town having a sleep-over (no joke!) Not only is this a bucket list experience for Mr. Agrestic, but also an excellent photo opportunity for myself. 

Though I was quite impressed by the Clydesdales - you'll see that I couldn't help but turn my attention to the baby foals recently born at the farm… something about those little ones… always stealing the show!

I struggled a little with the pictures - the Clydesdales were in the stalls most of the time, and it was impossible for me to get a full size picture of one. They are so massive.

This little foal stole my heart

Never more than a couple feet away from her mommy 

So graceful 

As you can imagine, I have many other photos of this event. I'll post additional pictures of the Clydesdales (as well as Barley, the Budweiser Dalmatian!) in an upcoming post.


  1. You are a lucky girl :) The horses are beautiful ~ and I don't even consider myself a "horse person" . . . and so happy that Mr. A. got to cross one off the list :)


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