"Another" New Set of Eyes

I have recently been marveling at my dear little one (Charlie) who has this unique, carefree, whimsical look that truly enables him to pull off any fashion trend. He can work it in the preppy polos, rock it out in a Pink Floyd t-shirt, sport it up in a muscle man basketball shirt, and even steal hearts in a baseball hat pushing out his little 70's afro. The kid's got style!

So this time around, "Another New Set of Eyes" is referring to the amazing sunglasses Charlie has recently acquired. They are actually a lost-then-rediscovered-hand-me-down from his big brother (which makes it even better!)

So here is Charlie with his own beautiful little set of eyes…

As his mommy, I must say I think they are quite perfect just as they are, but we're going for a little more accessorizing today!

Alright, still workin' on gettin' 'em where they need to be…

Ahhh, Perfect! Just the look we were going for today.

Oh but wait! There's more…
You definitely don't want to miss this!
The sunglasses are versatile. 
Charlie explains to me that you wear them like this (see above) when the sun is out.

But when the MOON is out…

No need for all that shade over our eyes…

This is how we wear them when the moon is out!

AND… once again, Charlie rocks out another little fashion trend! Doesn't he look amazing!

For full disclosure on the Title see http://sweetheartsonthehill.blogspot.com/2011/04/new-set-of-eyes.html


  1. These pictures are priceless. And hilarious. I must say, he probably has inherited his fashion flair from his mama. She has rocked every outfit I have ever seen her in :)


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