To Call My Own

Sometimes I might be in the shadows,
Shadows of someone who is bigger
Who is taller, can run faster, jump further,
Who gets to experience all the firsts

Working hard to find my way
To be unique
To know that you can see me too
What a comic I can be

 New toys, nice and neat
I'll take the shabby, used toys
They're just as fun
Didn't even know they weren't mine to start

But not today…

Everything pauses for me to shine
Like the first star in the nightime sky

I'm the fastest rider you'll ever see
Me and Lightning McQueen

I didn't need a new toy
I had another one to ride

But that makes me love it even more

You gave me something to call my own


  1. Being the baby in my family, I totally get the "living in the shadow" of the older sibling that always seemed more popular, prettier, taller, more talented and smarter . . . I worked hard to be unique, much to my mother's dismay! I love the fact that you celebrated Charlie on a Sunday afternoon, for no particular reason. Cheers for the little guys :D

  2. Well, thank you my friend for inspiring me to blog about it!


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