Take Me Out to the Ball Game!!

I have to admit baseball is one of the many reasons I love having boys.

As much as my heart would adore all the mother-daughter experiences I've always dreamed about, I can't deny that I would choose hanging out at a baseball field over a dance studio a hundred times over.

Here are some pictures of Sam and Charlie playing baseball this year.
(Okay so here are a LOT of pictures of Sam and Charlie playing baseball this year… I can't HELP myslef!)

They both play for the Reds, but on different teams.
Sam is in the 4 year old league. Charlie is in the 3 year old league.
Charlie had just learned that his bat can draw pictures in the dirt,
so he was putting it to good use on his way up to hit.
Big hit from Charlie Hatcher!
Running to second! A little top heavy here :)
Giant helmets just may be my most favorite thing about the 3 year old league
Here's Sam getting ready for a big hit!
We've been shocked at how intense he is this year. Total transformation from last year.
Great Hit!
Sam watching his teammates hit ~ Daddy and Charlie sitting along side.
Charlie and his curly wings
Baseball ready!
It's each man for himself out there
Determined to get the ball before anyone else
They usually end up tackling each other to get the ball. Hilarious!
In mid air!
Exchanging a thumbs up with Daddy
Pretty sure he was taunting a batter here "Foul Ball!"

Even out on the baseball field, my boys are little lovers at heart!

Dogpile on Daddy!

I was trying to get Sam to stop spitting for this picture… but ended up pretty darn cute!

"Mama Kitty. Mama Kitty" (what Charlie so frequently calls me...)

My Li'l Slugger

And always my favorite shot… boys sitting down from behind.


  1. I wanted to pick my very favorite photo, but they are all so adorable it's hard to pick just one . . . but, I decided that my very favorite is the two brothers in full hug! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us :)


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