Lasting Impressions

Such a young one
On the verge of opening up
So uncertain of what it will become

Trying to find its way
Knowing few things for sure

Looking for an anchor…

And then you were there
Without ever knowing 

Shaping. Molding. Transforming.
Creating a vision for what could be
Breaking a path that was already set

The years resulted in change
Destiny created new paths unknown
But one thing that has remained the same

A new life was created
Given strength to bloom and believe
Permission to dance without fear
Expanded and enriched
forever changed…


  1. Life can be scary. When those peanuts grow up. The years resulting in many changes. Their desire to set out on the unknown trail in search of meaning. And, you have to let them go. A hug and a kiss and they are on their way - alone. Trusting that because you were there, it will make a difference - some how, some day :) Will you share your source for the garden snail?

  2. Mr. Garden Snail came from Southern Market - in the outdoor patio area. He made me smile so I had to call him mine :)


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