Sunrise with the Weigel Family

I've never realized how much fun it is to photograph people as the sun is rising!

Us Hatchers are not morning people… so it is a rare opportunity for me to play around with backlighting coming from the East. 

I've always assumed it was very much like photographing at sunset… but it's actually quite different. I think I might like sunrise better!

Love the story this one tells.

I'm still trying to figure out my camera's "new set of eyes"… but with girls this pretty, it's kinda hard to mess it up

And sometimes I luck out and capture the perfect set of eyes

… and then a second set!

Long hair, a darling dress, sandals, and a caterpillar… this is what springtime is made of!


What a lucky man this is… all these pretty ladies


Even though you can't see him, the caterpillar is the subject here… makes for a sweet memory

… and another sweet memory


This little one was lovin' the camera today!

Thanks Kurt and Carolyn for letting me capture some moments of you with your stunning little ladies. And for getting me out early enough to play around with the morning sun… I'll definitely be back!


  1. Dear Mrs. Hatcher ~ Agreed. You need to become a morning person :) Beautiful young family. Beautiful lighting. Beautiful images!

    You have been a busy little blogging bee :)


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