The Creation of Life

I have the most intimate, fulfilling memories of growing my little peanuts inside me. They mystery of it all… the unreserved anticipation of experiencing the creation of life in a whole new way. What a gift to watch my body transform into something so different and have an entirely different shape, purpose, and meaning. Never has something made me feel so feminine, so powerful, so perfectly me.

Every stage of pregnancy brings new gifts. I remember seeing an image of my little sea monkeys for the first time… hearing those gorgeous heartbeats… watching the formation of arms, legs, fingers, eyes, ears… both of my boys were so perfectly photogenic in their ultrasound pictures. And the kicking… oh the kicking. Never once did I feel pain from kicking. Pure joy. I felt pure joy with each and every movement. Nothing made me happier than sitting in a meeting at work, in the middle of an intense discussion, and feeling my little creation kicking and moving. I would drift off to a land where just me and my sweetheart were snuggled up together. Nothing else mattered.

I recall even feeling some sadness before their birth days, knowing those sweet movements from my darling baby would never be felt again. Of course, those feelings quickly faded as soon I laid eyes on them. It never ceased to amaze me the number of hours I could spend just staring at their faces, fingers, toes… Every new expression they would make was a little wow moment. 

As traumatic as childbirth is on a woman's body, every painful sensation that shot through me made me think to myself "what an amazing privilege this is." The entire experience is an indescribable privilege.

Nursing completely baffles me. As if the miracle of life isn't enough to prove the presence of God ~ having your body transform overnight into producing the perfect source nutrition for your newborn is such a humbling, inspirational experience. It is the most raw, pure, unmanufactured gift a person can give… and what an honor to be a woman with the power to do that.

I recently had the honor to spend some time with a friend and neighbor of mine who is in the process of growing her own little peanut. I've been dreaming of all the pregnancy photos I should have had taken when I had the opportunity ~ so it was so nice to be able to use some of my ideas with Marie. What a gorgeous mommy this one is… 

A mommy sweetheart on the hill ~

We caught the perfect sunset shining on her

Not sure what it is about this picture, but it pulls me in ~ looks peaceful

I think this is my most favorite ~ I love the blossoms draped across her beautiful belly

Looks like a pretty little baby in that belly!

Love the sexy personality here

The essence of a woman captured in its most perfect form ~


  1. I'm seriously considering becoming with child again, just so you can take my maternity pictures. Once again, the words are eloquent, and the photos, breathtaking :)

  2. Thank you for saying that… My insecurities are still sneaking up on me with this one :/ But, I'm all for you becoming with child again. I think it's the perfect time for you!


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