The Agrestic Family Creations

Okay ~ just to be clear, we really aren't "The Agrestic Family" ~ we're actually "The Hatcher Family." Hatcher is a name I'm very proud to wear, as is my darling husband, Mr. Agrestic :)

Agrestic Designs is the name of our (pretend) company ~ and it's just kind of fun to wear the name around. Since this is my little playground, I'll probably decide to be Mrs. Agrestic some days, and Mrs. Hatcher on other days. Neither of which has any relation to how I'm feeling about Mr. Hatcher or Mr. Agrestic ~ just a personal mood I guess. Similar to wearing the expression of a black dress or white skirt… or maybe some leg warmers :)

So, something I've learned about us Agrestics is that we all kind of love creating things. We seem to have a better family harmony when we have our own little projects and are contributing to some of the color and flavor in and around our home.

Here are some examples of our most recent creations:

My little vertical garden (also referred to by me as "my moss panel") hanging over the amazing table Mr. Agrestic just made for me!

A close up of our new little table

… and my vertical garden

My mossy branches decorating the patio
Here is Sam in the midst of a two hour project creating a mosaic fire truck (oh yeah.. and those are the markers that just randomly happened upon my photograph) ~ silly markers!

Charlie (I've yet to introduce you to this little fire cracker! coming soon...) with the mosaic giraffe he created ~ 
and Sam's mosaic fire truck

A picture frame made by Mr. Agrestic 

Charlie creating his very own Easter egg ~ Love the smile!

Sam's Lego version of The Pizza Kitchen ~ one of our favorite dining spots.. he included the patio on the far right, booths on the far left… the counter and kitchen.

A couple little bird houses 

 And this is my sorry attempt at a painting ~ inside a frame created by my dear husband. It is in my guest bedroom… I can only show the blurred version of the painting (focused on the fabulous willow branches comforter) … another insecurity revealed. I'm not a painter. Not comfortable showing you the crisp detail!

So, do as I say ~ and go create new happiness around your home… Make a gorgeous dinner or dessert ~ throw some orchids around it to make you smile ~ Splash a new paint color in one of your rooms ~ Fill a planter with an assortment of dancing spring flowers ~ your options are endless. New life and happiness is everywhere you want it to be ~ Now go!


  1. I'm loving the creativity that abounds in your family :) Jonny wants to know if he is one of the Lego guys making all that yummy food at the PK? So, you have inspired me to attack a project that I've been mulling over for awhile ~ sugared pansies :) I'll let you know how they turn out. What is everyone else going to do?


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